Copyright © 1954 Lithuanian Students Association, Inc.
No.1 - Nov 1954
Editor of this issue: A. V. Dundzila


• United Lithuanian Relief Fund for the refugees in Germany is commemorating its 10 years anniversary.

• A new United Nations organization has been formed of countries which are under the Communist yoke at present. This will be a parallel body to the United Nations. The opening meeting of the first session of this new organization was held on September 21, 1954, one day before the U. N. General Assembly's 9th Session. At the first session of this new group Lithuania was represented by the Committee for a Free Lithuania, headed by Mr. V. Sidzikauskas, with headquarters in New York City. Meeting of this new body are held at Carnegie Hall in New York, N. Y.

• Prof. Dr. Vincas Krėvė-Mickevičius, a leading Lithuania writer and former Premier of Lithuania, died in Media, Pa., on July 7, 1954, at the age of 71. He came to the United States in 1947, when he joined the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania. He was assistant professor of Russian at the U. of P. at his retirement last year.

• Vincas Ramonas' famous novel "Crosses", translated by Milton Stark, is the first Lithuanian novel in history to appear in the English-speaking world. The novel vividly describes the first Communist occupation in Lithuania, 1940. "Crosses" has already been translated into Latvian and German.

• In Argentina a museum of Lithuanian national art is being established.

• The Lithuanian Encyclopedia is being compiled and published in the United States. It will appear complete in 14 volumes. First three volumes have already been printed.

• Last fall in Toronto, Ontario, a tournament of the Lithuanian sport clubs of North America took place drawing together about 329 sportsmen representing 11 clubs.

• In Kennebunk Port, Maine, an exhibit of the works of contemporary Lithuanian artists took place: 6 artists participated with their works.

• The Kersten's Committee, which conducted an investigation in Europe this summer into the subjection of the small European countries under the Communist yoke, returned to the United States with the impression that the methods of subjection were similar in all cases.

• July 1, in the year 1954, was declared the Day of Freedom. The initiators of this declaration were liberation group of the Eastern European countries. The ceremony took place by the Statue of Liberty, delegates from the American Armed Forces being present. Letters of congratulation were sent by Secretary of State, J. F. Dulles, H. C. Lodge, Senator Knowland and other statesmen.

• Dr. Jonas Balys, a well-known authority on Lithuanian language and literature, has prepared a book for publication 'The Lithuanian Folk Poetry".

• The Publishers of the Lithuanian Encyclopedia are preparing a detailed extensive Map of Lithuania to be published this fall.

• Vincė Jonuškaitė, a Lithuanian opera singer, is giving a recital in New York this fall.

• A novel by Stasys Būdavas, "Forbidden Miracle", is being published in the English language.

• Lithuanian immigrants in Brazil have organized 5 grade schools and 1 junior high-school where Lithuanian language, history, geography, etc. are taught. Also they edit and publish periodically two newspapers.

• Dr. G. E. Židonytė-Valerienė, graduate of Sarboune University in Paris, has been offered a position at Yale University.

• Harvard University has commissioned Dr. Gimbutiene to write about the pre-history of Eastern Europe. She has been working in the university's Department of Anthropology for quite some time.

• Four works of V. K. Jonynas, one of the best contemporary Lithuanian artists, are installed in the New York Museum. At the present time, V. K. Jo-nynas is a profesor at the Art Institute of Jamaica.

• Dr. V. Sruogienė has prepared recently a book of the history of Lithuania which is 700 pages long and is already being printed.

• A. Landsbergis who won a literary prize for his novel "The Voyage" is furthering his studies at the University of Columbia.

• Mr. V. Kavolis, a former president of the Lithuanian Students Association, was offered an assistantship at the Harvard University.

• The October issue of "Arts and Architecture" journal discusses the works of Lithuanian artist — sculptor Miss Ada Korsakaitė. Several pictures of her sculptures are presented.

• Vytautas Beliajus has prepared in English a selection of Lithuanian legends and folk stories. The new book will appear shortly as "The Evening Song".

• An illustrated book in Portuguese language "Lituania" appeared recently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Short review of Lithuanian history, geography and culture is presented.