Copyright © 1955 Lithuanian Students Association, Inc.
No.2 - March 1955
Editor of this issue: A. V. Dundzila


•    The 16th of February was again commemorated by U. S. Senate and House of Representatives this year. An invocation was said by the Very Rev. J. Balkunas on Febr. 15, wile the same ceremony was performed the next day by the Very Rev. P. Juras. On the same ocasion Senators Douglas (HI.), Lehman (N. Y.), and others, as well as over 20 U. S. representatives asserted their faith in the restoration of independence to Lithuania in speeches before the Senate and the House. On Febr. 16 the Lithuanian flag was flown over the Capitol and later was conveyed to the Very Rev. P. Juras as a present to the Lithuanian nation.

•    In the U. S. A. a "Bulletin of the Lithuanian Bibliographic Services" is being published. Here we find listed the most important Lithuanian publications from all over the free world, and also the most important articles that appear in Lithuanian periodical literature. The publishers of this bulletin are the Supreme Lithuanian Committee of Liberation, and the editor is A. Ruzancovas.

•    Miss Irena Pacevičiūtė, an artist, now living in Rome, recently had an exhibition of her works. In collaboration with five other artists, Miss Pacevičiūtė, exhibited 21 paintings. The exhibition was at the Exhibition Palace of Rome and lasted two weeks.

•    Miss Elena Kuprevičius, a young violinist from Argentina, is having a successful concert tour in the U. S. and Canada. The young violinist is well known from her concerts in South America, Germany, France, Switzerland, and other countries.

•    News from Lithuania behind the Iron Curtain that writers are reprimanded for not writing more about the "Communistic Paradise" is further evidence that behind the Iron Curtain all freedom of creative expression is denied to the artist.

•    While traveling in India. Very Rev. J. Prunskis, Ph. D., a well-known journalistic writer and editor from Chicago, met a Lithuanian, Mr. Svirnelis, who edits a non-periodical newspaper with a circulation of 3,500 copies.

•    J. Rimašauskas, a former political prisoner of the Communists and the Nazis, is about to finish his report to the U. S. Congressional Committee on the Investigations of Communist aggression; the report concerns Communist genocide in Lithuania and is well documented and of enormous value.

•    About 70 Lithuanian students, recent immigrants, study at the universities of Canada.

•    The artist, Adomas Galdikas, had an exhibition of his fine art works. The N. Y. Times regards the exhibition as one of the brightest exhibits of the season.

•    The U. S. government has received the results of the Ker-sten Commission investigation by the U. S. Congress. It seems quite clear that Lithuania and the other Baltic countries were occupied and incorporated into the U. S. S. R. by force.

•    A well-known Lithuanian artist, Prof. A. Varnas, celebrates his 75th birthday this year.