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June, 1957  No.2(11) 
Managing Editor P. V. Vygantas


Balys, Dr. Jonas, Lithuanian Narrative Folksongs, A description of types and bibliography. Published by the author, 1954. 144 pp.
A small but authoritative study on Lithuanian ballads. The author presents concise summaries of 340 ballads, referring to the works where each had been published and to analogous ballads among neighboring nations. The book also contains introductory material dealing with the origin of the ballads, their singers, origins of variations, and relations with ballads of other nations.

Balys, Dr. Jonas, Lietuvių Mitologiškos Sakmės (Lithuanian Mythological Legends). Published by Nida, London, 1956. 191 pp. Price — $1.50.
A selection of Lithuanian mythological legends, compiled and edited by one of the outstanding experts on Lithuanian folklore. There is an introduction and a list of bibliographical sources in English.

Algirdas Landsbergis, Ilgoji Naktis (The Long Night). Published by Nida Press. London, 1956. 175 pp., price $1.50.
A novelette of the above title is a counterpoint between a young Lithuanian girl's road to self-sacrifice in underground resistance and a young Russian communist's way to doutt. Other short stories follow ths trail of dispersed Lithuanians and their problems to Germany, Siberia, the U.S.A. The author, winner of the 1953 Lithuanian novel prize, belongs to the "modernist" wing of the young Lithuanian authors.

Savickis, Jurgis, Žeme Dega (The Earth is Burning), Vol. II. Published by Terra. Chicago, 1956. 418 pp.
The second volume of these memoirs of a late Lithuanian writer and diplomat deals with the years 1941 - 1948. The world crisis is depicted in an elsga-t style and with provocative insights through the author's personal experiences. The book was awarded the top Lithuanian literary prize (in exile) for 1956.

Markaitis, Bruno S. J. Širdies Gelme (The Depths of the Heart). Published by the Im-maculata Press, Putnam, Conn. 1957. 146 pp. Price — $2.00.
A young Lithuanian jesuit priest examines modern life in the light of the life of Christ and presents Catholicism as the solution.

Erhart, Dr. Adolf, Litevstina. Published in Prague. 154 pp.
A textbook of the Lithuanian language published for the use of Czechoslovakian students and philologists. A brief introduction provides information on the history of the Lithuanian language, literature and folklore.

Pfeil, Elizabeth, Hunger, Hass und Gute Haende, Erlebnisse und Begegnungen jenseits der Memel. Starvation, Hate and Kind Hands, Experiences and meetings beyond the Nemunas River. Published by Elchland Verlag, Goettingen, 1956. 48 pp.
In this short work the author recollects her experiences in captive Lithuania which she entered in 1947 from Prussia. Numerous German critics acclaimed this paen to Lithuanian humanism as a touching human document.

Assembly of Captive European Nations, Second Session. Published by ACEN, New York, 1956. 221 pp.
A summary of activities of an organization w'lich was called by the Danish newspaper "Information" as "one of the most remarkable political institutions of the postwar period." The book covers the period from September 1955 to November 1956 and contains resolutions, reports, political analyses as well as organizational data. The problems of subjugated Lithuania are given here a wide coverage together with those of the other subjugated nations.