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December, 1957  No.4(13) 
Managing Editor P. V. Vygantas


Karys, Jonas K., Nepriklausomos Lietuvos Pinigai (The Money of Independent Lithuania). Published by Aukselis, New York 1953, 255 p. ill.
A study of the currency and coins used in Lithuania from 1916 to 1940. The author traces the development of Lithuanian money from the various notes published by occupational authorities to the issuing of the Litas in 1922. In minute detail, each denomination of each issue is described. Economic background is also considered. 160 reproductions of notes and coins are provided. The work has an appended summary in English.

Sruoga, Balys, Milžino Paunksme (The Shade of a Giant). A historical chronicle in three acts. Published by Terra, Chicago 1954, 173 p.
The second edition of this play by a noted Lithuanian dramatist. The subject matter deals with the events just before and after the death of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas the Great in 1430.

Raštikis, Stasys, Kovose Del Lietuvos (In the Battle for Lithuania). Vol. II, published by "The Lithuanian Days", Los Angeles 1957, 688 p.
This second volume of the memoirs by a former chief of the Lithuanian army, covers the period from 1940 to the present. Valuable historical material is provided in several chapters dealing with the occupation of Lithuania by the Soviet Union. The author then describes his relations with the German authorities, and his life as an exile in Displaced Person camps and in the United States. Extracts from his wife's diary are interposed. These relate the fate of his three young daughters, who were separated from their parents and deported to Siberia.

Barenas, Kazimieras, Karališka Diena (A Royal Day). Stories.Fublished by Nida, London 1957, 254 p.
A collection of short stories about middle class life. The characters, all petty officials of a small mythical town, are placed in frequently humorous situations and dialogues as the author attempts to carricature the middle-class.

Joerg, Irena, Taika Ateina į Slėnį (Peace Comes to the Valley) Published by Nida, London 1957, 138 p.
The author's first published work takes place in a Tyrolese village. It is a narration by a doctor separated from his native Vienna in the immediate postwar years.

Tomariene, Sone Saules Vestuves (The Wedding of the Sun) Children's tales, published by "Draugas", Chicago 1957, 126 p.
A collection of fanciful tales and poems for children. The author has utilized old religious and folk themes to create a complete imaginative world.