Volume 15, No.3 - Fall 1969
Editors of this issue: Antanas Klimas, Ignas K. Skrupskelis
Copyright © 1969 LITUANUS Foundation, Inc.


Approximately one million Americans are of Lithuanian parentage. About 50,000 Lithuanians came to the U.S.A. and Canada after World War II. As a result of this, there are now more than 300 Lithuanian scientists in the U.S.A. and Canada engaged in research and teaching.

In 1569, the Jesuits established a college in Vilnius which in 1579 became the Vilnius Academy, later the University of Vilnius. This year, to commemorate 400 years of higher education in Lithuania, a symposium of Lithuanian scholars and scientists was held in Chicago, November 26 - 30, 1969.

The whole symposium was held in Lithuanian. It was not always an easy task for some of the young scholars and scientists whose entire training has been in English. There was one participant of non-Lithuanian parentage: Prof. William R. Schmalstieg (Acting Head, Dept. of Slavic Languages, Pennsylvania State University), whose specialty is linguistics. Dr. Schmalstieg has learned Lithuanian so well that he read his lecture (see below) in Lithuanian.

This symposium is only a partial representation of the Lithuanian scientists and scholars working in various scientific areas in the U.S.A., Canada, South America, Western Europe, etc.

During this symposium, a special committee was formed whose task is to organize a World Lithuanian Science Association in consultation with individual scientists and with such existing Lithuanian scientific organizations as the Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Sciences (Rome), the Institute of Lithuanian Studies (U.S.A.), and Lithuanian professional organizations. Since the Lithuanian Community of the U.S.A., Inc. carried out the practical tasks of organizing this symposium, it will also have a representative on this organizing committee. Another symposium of similar make-up is planned for 1971.

Antanas Klimas 
The University of


In Commemoration of Four Hundred Years
Of Higher Education In


Prof. Algirdas Avižienis,
Computer Science Department University of California Los Angeles, California


Dr. Arvydas Kliorė,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California.

Advisory Program Committee

Arvydas Barzdukas, Architect, Falls Church, Virginia 
Prof. Vytautas Bieliauskas, Xavier University, Cincinati, Ohio
Dr. Adolfas Damušis, Wyandotte Chemical Corp., Detroit, Michigan
Prof. Marija Gimbutienė, Univ. of California, Los Angeles, California
Dr. Juozas Girnius, Editor, Aidai, Boston, Mass.
Prof. Vytautas Kavolis, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Dr. Romualdas Kašubą, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio
Dr. Kęstutis Keblys, Ethyl Corporation, Ferndale, Michigan
Dr. Vytautas Klemas, General Electric Co., Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Prof. Antanas Klimas, The Univ. of Rochester, Rochester, New York
Dr. Romualdas Kriaučiūnas, Lansing, Michigan
Rev. Dr. Jonas Kubilius S. J., Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Steponas Matas, Republic Steel Corp., Cleveland, Ohio
Prof. Anatole Matulis, The Univ. of Wisconsin, Green Bay, Wis.
Prof. Zenonas Rekašius, Northwestern Univ., Evanston, Illinois
Prof. Thomas Remeikis, St. Joseph College, East Chicago, Indiana
Prof. Raphael Sealey, Univ. of California, Berkeley, California
Prof. Antanas Sužiedėlis, Cath. Univ. of America, Washington, D.C.
Prof. Ina Užgirienė, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts
Dr. Elona Vaišnienė, formerly University of Illinois, Urbana, I11.
Prof. Rimas Vaišnys, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Dr. Jonas Valaitis, University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois
Prof. Vytautas Vardys, The Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
Prof. Romualdas Viskanta, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana
Dr. Vytautas Vygantas, American Airlines, New York, New York
Prof. Bronius Vaškelis, Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania

Organizational Committee

Bronius Nainys, Chairman, Rev. Jonas Borevičius, S.J., Vytautas Kamantas, Vacys Kleiza, Dr. Edmundas Ringus, Algis Augaitis, Kazys Barzdukas, Povilas Žumbakis, Juozas Grabauskas, Dalia Tallat-Kelpšaitė, Jurgis Janušaitis.

The Sessions were held at: Lithuanian Youth Center (YC) and Chicago Midway House Motel (MH) Chicago, Illinois, November 26 - 30, 1969.


WEDNESDAY, November 26, 1969 

7:30 p.m. — Mixer for Symposium Participants.....(MH)

THURSDAY, November 27, 1969

I. 2:30 -- 6:00 p.m. -- Opening Session ............(YC)

(Ia) Opening Remarks and Dedication: "400 Years of Higher Education in Lithuania." Prof. A. Avižienis, Computer Science Dept., University of California, Los Angeles, Program Chairman of the Symposium.

Symposium: "Development of the Sciences in Lithuania Under the Soviets" Moderator: Prof. Thomas Re-meikis, Dept. of Political Science, St. Joseph's College, East Chicago, Indiana.


1. "General Quantitative Indicators of Soviet Scientific Policy and Its Results in Lithuania." Prof. Benedict V. Mačiuika, Dept. of History, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Conn.

2. The Status of Selected Scientific Disciplines:

a) Economics: Prof. Pranas Zundė, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga.
b) History: Vincas Trumpa, Washington, D.C.
c) Linguistics: Leonardas Dambriūnas, Voice of America, Washington, D. C.
d) Literature: Dr. Kostas Ostrauskas, Library of Music, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.
e) Medical Sciences: Dr. Vacys Šaulys, Chicago, Illinois.
f) Pedagogy: Ginutis Procuta, Dept. of Education, Chicago State College, Chicago, Illinois.
g) Physical Sciences: Donatas Šatas, Whitman Products Corp., Warwick, R. I.

II. 7:30-9:30 p.m. — Lectures of General Interest (YC)

1. "A Historical View of Lithuanian Philosophy." Dr. Juozas Girnius, Editor, Lithuanian Cultural Journal "Aidai," Boston, Mass.

2. "Culture and Art in Europe Before the Arrival of the Indo-Europeans." Prof. Marija Gimbutas, Division of Indo-European Studies, Dept. of Classics, University of California, Los Angeles, California. (Lecture was cancelled because of illness)

FRIDAY, November 28, 1969

III. 10:00 - 12:00 a.m. Panel Discussion . . . (MH)

"The Need for a Lithuanian Science Association."

Moderator: Prof. A. Avižienis, Computer Science Dept., University of California. Los Angeles, California.

IV. 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. -- Scienfitic Sessions .... (MH)

(VIa) Lithuanian Literature. Chairman: Prof. B. Vaškelis, Dept. of Languages, Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania.


1. "New Themes and Forms of Expression in Lithuanian Émigré Literature." Prof. Ilona Gražytė, Marguerite-Bourgeoys College, Montreal, Canada.
2. "The Search of a Poetic Medium in Contemporary Lithuanian Poetry." Prof. Rimvydas Šilbajoris, Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literature, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
3. "The Portrayal of the Partisans in Lithuanian Literature Under the Soviets." Prof. Bronius Vaškelis, Dept. of Languages, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa.

(IVb) Information and Space Technology. Chairman: Dr. V. Klemas, General Electric Co., Philadelphia, Pa.


1. "Phased Antenna Arrays in Radar Systems." Dr. Vytautas Mikėnas, Radio Corporation of America, Moorestown, N. J.
2. "Optimal Control and Conflicts of Interest." Prof. Zenonas Rekašius, Northwestern Univ., Evanston, III.
3. "The Identification Problem in Dynamic Systems." Dr. Kęstutis Kirvaitis, Bell Telephone Co., Indian Hill Labs., Naperville, I11.
4. "The Development of Technology for Large Solid-Propellent Rocket Engines." Henrikas Bankaitis, NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio.
5. "Discrimination of Possible Martian Surface Constituents by Multispectral Imaging." Dr. Vytautas Klemas, General Electric Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
6. "The Effect of Non-Equilibrium Phenomena on High Enthalpy Supersonic Flows." Dr. Šarūnas Lazdinis, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

V. 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. - Scientific Sessions . . . .(MH)

(Va) World Literature. Chairman: Dr. Kostas Ostrauskas, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

"A Symposium on Lithuanian and Comparative Literature."


Prof. Birutė Ciplijauskaitė, The University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.
Prof. Ilona Gražytė, Marguerite-Bourgeoys College, Montreal, Canada.
Prof. Rimvydas Šilbajoris, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
Prof. Rimvydas Šliažas, Edinboro State College, Edinboro, Pa.
Prof. Elena Tumienė, California State College, Fullerton, Calif.
Prof. Bronius Vaškelis, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa.

(Vb) The Technology of Materials and Energy.

Chairmen: Prof. Romualdas Kašubą, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Stepas Matas, Chief, Alloy Development, Republic Steel Corp., Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio.


1. "Some Design Aspects of a Supersonic Vehicle." Prof. Šarūnas Užgiris, Dept. of Mechanical and Aero space Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, I11.

2. "Problems in the Energy Transformation of High Speed Machinery and Automotive Applications." Dr. Algirdas L. Nasvytis, Consultant, Cleveland, Ohio.

3. "The Automobile in the Perspective of Highway Safety." Stasys Bačkaitis, Chief, Structures Branch, National Highway Safety Bureau, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Washington, D.C.

4. "Ceramic Foam — A New Insulating and Structural Material." Dr. Remigijus A. Gaška, Director, Chemical Engineering Laboratory, The Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich.

5. "Heat Transfer in Modern Technology." Prof. Romualdas Viskanta, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Ind.

VI. 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. -- Panel Discussion.....(YC)

"The Aims of Periodical Press in Arts and Sciences".

Moderator: Rev. Kęstutis Trimakas, S.J., Editor, Laiškai Lietuviams, Chicago, 111. Speakers:

Kazys Bradūnas, Editor, Weekly Cultural Supplement, Lithuanian Daily Draugas, Chicago, Illinois.
Bernardas Brazdžionis, Editor, Lietuvių dienos, Los Angeles, Calif.
Dr. Juozas Girnius, Editor, Aidai, Boston, Mass.
Dr. Vytautas Kavolis, Editor, Metmenys, Carlisle, Pa.
Dr. Antanas Klimas, Editor, Lituanus, Rochester, N. Y.

SATURDAY, November 29, 1969

VII. 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. — Scientific Session.....(MH)

(VIIa) Lithuanian Linguistics. Chairman: Prof. Antanas Klimas, Dept. of Languages and Linguistics, University of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y.


1. "The Question of Relatedness of Baltic and Slavic Languages." Prof. William R. Schmalstieg, Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Penn. State University, University Park, Pa.

2. "Differences in the Development of Baltic and Slavic Languages." Prof. Antanas Salys, Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

VIII. 1:00 - 3:00 -- Scientific Sessions......(MH)

(Villa) Social Sciences. Chairman: Prof. Vytautas S. Vardys, Center for Russian Language and Soviet Area Studies, The University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.


1. "Post-Mod

2. "Soviet Nation Building." Prof. Vytautas S. Vardys, Center for Russian Language and Soviet Area Studies, The Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.

3. "A Critical View of Marxist Dialectics." Prof. Vytautas Doniela, Dept. of Philosophy, Newcastle University, Australia.

(VIIIb) Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Chairman: Dr. Adolfas Damušis, Wyandotte Chemical Corp., Research Laboratory, Detroit, Mich.


1. "Current Mathematical Research in Lithuania." Dr. Arūnas Liulevičius, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Chicago, Chicago, I11.

2. "Investigation of Xenon Trioxide in Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Solutions." Prof. Bronius Jaselskis, Dept. of Chemistry, Loyola University, Chicago, I11.

3. "Olefin Oxidation with Ruthenium Tetroxide." Dr. Kęstutis Keblys, Research Laboratory, Ethyl Corp., Detroit, Mich.

4. "The Influence of Fatty Acids and Other Lipids in Early Aetherosclerosis." Dr. Antanas Butkus, Cleveland Clinical Research Laboratories, Cleveland, Ohio.

5. "Trends in Geophysics." Prof. Rimas Vaišnys, Dept. of Physics, Yale University, New Haven, Conn.

6. "Perspectives for Chemical Industry in Lithuania of the Future." Dr. Adolfas Damušis, Research Laboratory, Wyandotte Chemical Corp. Detroit, Mich., and Dr. Juozas Vėbra, co-author.

7. "New methods in hormone analysis using radio-immunological techniques." Dr. Raimundas Ošlapas.

IX. 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. -- Panel Discussion.....(MH)

(IXa) "The Scientist and Society." Moderator: Mr. Arvydas Barzukas, Architect, Falls Church, Va.


Prof. Julius Šmulkštys, Indiana University, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Prof. Zenonas Rekašius, Northwestern Univ., Evans-ton, I11.
Dr. Vytautas Vygantas, American Airlines, Inc., New York, N. Y.
Dr. Edmundas Lenkauskas, Western Reserve University Medical School, Cleveland, Ohio.
Mr. Bronius Nainys, President, Executive Board, Lithuanian Community of the U.S., Inc., Chicago, I11.

X. 6:30-7:00 p.m. - Open Discussion on the Establishment of The Lithuanian Science Association . .(MH)

SUNDAY, November 30, 1969

XII. 11:00-12:00 a.m. - - Church Services — Rev. B. Markaitis, S.J............(Chapel (YC)

Commemoration of Deceased Lithuanian Scientists

XIII 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. -- General Session .... (YC)

"Future Directions of Science." 

Chairman: Dr. Arvydas Kliorė, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif.


1. "Cybernetics, Computers, and Information Technology." Prof. Algirdas Avižienis, Computer Science Dept., University of California, Los Angeles, Calif.

2. "Behavioral Sciences and Tomorrow's Man." Prof. Ina Užgiris, Dept. of Psychology, Clark University, Worcester, Mass.

3. "Future Perspectives in Medicine." Dr. Jonas Valaitis, Dept. of Pathology, University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois.

XIV. 3:00 p.m. -- Closing Remarks.......(YC)

Prof. Algirdas Avižienis, Program Chairman of the Symposium;

Mr. Bronius Nainys, President, Lithuanian-American Community of the USA, Inc.

XV. 3:30 p.m. -- Showing of Scientific Motion Pictures (YC)