Volume 21, No.1 - Spring 1975
Editors of this issue: Antanas Klimas, Thomas Remeikis, Bronius Vaskelis
Copyright © 1975 LITUANUS Foundation, Inc.

Marju Rink Farming and Tonu Farming, Bibliography of English-Language Sources on Estonia: Periodicals, Bibliographies, Pamphlets, and Books. New York: Estonian Learned Society in America (234 East 34th Street, New York 10016), 72 p. $5.50.

The Bibliography is not selective. Rather, it includes every periodical, bibliography, pamphlet and book pertinent to the topic which the compilers could locate and verify. The listing contains a total of 662 works: 609 numbered entries (minus four) and 57 un-numbered entries. All works included deal specifically with Estonian topics. Materials were grouped into fourteen major categories.

This is the first bibliography on the subject. While there has been a need for such a work for some time, this has become acute during the past few years due to a vast increase in interest in Baltic studies in the English-speaking countries, especially the United States. Contemporary interest in Estonian topics is often due to the fact that observers have found the Estonian S.S.R. to be very different from other Soviet Republics. Unfortunately, most scholars not of Estonian ancestry do not know the local language and are therefore dependent on English, German, Russian or French sources. In this respect, the bibliography fills a vital gap as a guide to source materials. Additionally, it contains many works unknown to the general public as well as to scholars. The bibliography should also prove invaluable to libraries and librarians as a reference tool and a selection aid.

The Bibliography was compiled by Marju Rink Farming, Reference Librarian at New Haven Free Public Library, and Tonu Farming, Acting Instructor in Sociology at Yale University.

J. A. Račkauskas 
Chicago State University