Volume 26, No. 3 - Fall 1980
Editor of this issue: Birutė Cipliauskaitė
ISSN 0024-5089
Copyright © 1980 LITUANUS Foundation, Inc.


Icarus Successful, tapestry, 80" x 79" (1978)

At present is completing her M.F.A. in sculpture at California State University, Northridge. Previous studies at Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Stuttgart, Pratt Institute, N.Y., Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art, Scripps College, Ca. Shows at Scripps College; College of the Canyons; Los Angeles Mission College; CSUN; Los Angeles Lithuanian Women Artists Show; L.A. Lithuanian Art Show; Tapestry and Ceramic Show in Čiurlionis Art Gallery, Chicago; Wiltshire-Ebell Art Salon in Los Angeles. Has won prizes and awards for weaving and sculpture. Her artistic goals are best defined by her own statement: I am investigating in depth an idea, a concept of different phases of human behavior. I started out with humanity clinging tenaciously to security, stability, and steadiness. As the next step, came the Risk Taker and Explorer. But by far, I did not want to stop there. We humans, I feel strongly, are full of potential power. We are curious to investigate, and we don't shy away from changes. We dare to seek out new ways, and we try to break through barriers. We take risks, and, finally, because we, quite often, have to meet new challenges head on, our efforts succeed in bursting forth with explosive energy, and at the end we wind up as winners. Images were executed in various materials, and helped me clarify and enforce my ideas.

Weary Angel,
alabaster, 17" x 7" (1975)

Burst I,
steel, 6' x 7' (1976)

Je suis une femme. Mariée,
mixed media, 30" x 31" (1977)

steel, 92" x 50" (1976)

wood and copper, 46" x 23" (1977)

//, steel, 72" x 24", 72" x 20", 72" x 16" (1978)