Volume 46, No.3 - Fall 2000
Editor of this issue: Gundar J. King
ISSN 0024-5089
Copyright © 2000 LITUANUS Foundation, Inc.


Hood, Neil, Robert Kilis, and Jan-Erik Vahlne. Transition in the Baltic States: Micro-level Studies. London and New York: Macmillan, St. Martin's Press, 1997:

Hood, Neil, Robert Kilis, and Jan-Erik Vahlne. "Introduction." 
Radosevic, Slavo. "The Baltic Post-Socialist Enterprises and the Development of Organisational Capabilities." 
Liuhto, Kari. "Organisation and Management Transition in Estonia: A Cultural Approach. 
Vadi, Maaja, and Anthony F. Buono. "Collectivism and Individualism in Estonia: An Exploratory Study of Societal Change and Organizational Orientation." 
Jerschina, Jan, and Jaroslaw Gorniak. "Leftism, Achievement, Orientation and Basic Dimensions of he Socio-economic and Political Attitudes in Baltic Countries versus Other Central and East European Countries." 
Rose, Richard. "Micro-economic Differences between or within Baltic Nationalities." 
Mygind, Niels. "Privatisation and employee Ownership: The Development in the Baltic Countries." 
Raagmaa, Garri. "Growth in the Hidden Economy: The Case of Estonia."
Ludborzs, Igors. "Accounting and Audit in Latvia." 
Jedrzejczak, Gregory, and Alex Fleming. "Latvia's Emerging Capital Markets."
Rainys, Gediminas. "Enterprise Exit in Lithuania." 
Smallbone, David, Urve Venesaar, Laimonis Rumpis, and Danutė Budreckaitė. "Problems Facing the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Firms in the Baltic States." 
Zilcken, Hans-Joachim. "The Investment Behavior of Individual Private Farmers in Latvia." 
King, Gundar J. "Values of the Latvian Road to the Market." 
Schoepflin, George. "The Intangibles of Transition: Attitudinal Obstacles to Change." 
Hood, Neil, Robert Kilis, and Jan-Erik Vahlne. "Conclusions." 

King, Gundar J., Edward B. Jakubauskas, and Thomas Palm, eds. Special Issue: Business and the Economy in the Baltics. Journal of Baltic Studies. Vol. XXVIII, Number 1, Spring 1997.

King, Gundar J., and Nicholas Wolfgang Balabkins. "Fundamental Thoughts on Four Basic Economic Goals." 
Grennes, Thomas. "The Economic Transition in the Baltic Countries."
Viksninš, George J. "Monetary Policy in Latvia." 
Dale, Rasa. "Inflation Stabilization and Credit Availability in the Baltic States." 
Hallagan, William. "The Evolution of the Latvian Banking Market." 
Minkus-McKenna, Dorothy. "Attitudes Toward Key Business Indicators of Small Business in Lithuania: An Empirical Study." 
Jakubauskas, Edward B. "Baltic Economic Development and Some Implications for Post-secondary Education."

King, Gundar J., ed. Special Issue: Baltic Economies in Transition. Journal of Baltic Studies. Vol. XXXI< Number 2, Summer 2000.

King, Gundar J., "Introduction: Baltic Economic Research." 
Jakubauskas, Edward B. "The Lithuanian Economy on the Threshold of the New Millennium." 
Neimanis, George J. "The Tyranny of Antecedent Circumstances." 
King, Gundar J., J. Thad Barnowe, Diana Pauna, and Juris Krūminš. "The New Managerial Generation in Latvia: The Nature and Role of Values." 
Grennes, Thomas. 'The Development of Banking and Financial Markets in Independent Lithuania." 
Šteinbuka, Inna. "The Alignments of Latvian Economy in the Context of European Integration, " 
Lainela, Seija. "Baltic Accession to the European Union."

Publications of the 6th Nordic-Baltic Conference in Regional Science: Nordic-Baltic Sea Region on the Eve of 21st Century.

This October 4-7, 2000 conference is organized in Riga by the university of Latvia, together with the Nordic Section of the Regional Science Association, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Latvia, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Latvia, Swedish Institute for Regional Research, NORDREGIO Stockholm, University of Agriculture of Latvia, the Baltic-Nordic Research Centre in Riga, and the Centre for Latvian Economic Studies.

It is a very significant event that brings together scholars from the larger Baltic region with others from the surrounding area, Central and Western Europe, and America. More than hundred scholarly papers, scheduled by speakers from the Baltic states, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, cover the following major themes:

Innovation, and the Development of Human Resources.
Challenges to Global and Local Centers.
Northern European and Baltic Prospects in Regional and Global Cooperation.
Prospects for Future Development in the Light of Enlargement and Structural Policies of the European Union. 
Demographic Changes, and Social Policies.

For further information about the Proceedings volume, please contact the Conference Coordinator, Professor Biruta Sloka (Sloka@acad. latnet. lv).