Volume 49, No.2 - Summer 2003
Editor of this issue: Violeta Kelertas
ISSN 0024-5089
Copyright © 2003 LITUANUS Foundation, Inc.

Woodcarvings from a Digital Perspective


Ancient Lithuanian iconography about angels (and devils, for that matter) had its roots in folklore, fairy tales, and superstitious beliefs. After the advent of Christianity, the emphasis shifted to the angelology found in Scriptures - both the Old and the New Testaments. The scriptural narratives produced endless interpretations of the nature and functions of angelic spirits that are with us to this day. During the course of history, portrayals of these spiritual beings found ample expression in ecclesiastic architecture, Sunday sermons, private devotions, folklore, and works of art. Needless to say, an infinite variety of ideas has been produced in individual interpretations as well as in scholarly expositions and in local ethnographic presentations. As an example of the contributions made by Lithuanian artists and artisans, we are offering here the works of two woodcarvers Raminta Rimantė Butkuvė and Vaida Juozapaitytė, both avid believers in the existence of heavenly guardians of the human race and devoted carvers of angelic figurines based on their own understanding of angelic nature. Both are folk artists of importance offering for our viewing pleasure not just plain folk art figurines, - but also their personal views about the theology on the subject of angels. The photographer who took the pictures of their works also incorporated his own vision and digital values into their imagery, making their statements more elaborate and, for better or for worse, more complex.

The exhibition about Lithuanian Angels as presented by these three authors has been shown in March 2003 at the gallery of Lithuanian embassy in Berlin.

The Realm of Angels # 57
Rimantė Butkuvė, Algimantas Kezys

The Realm of Angels # 2
Butkuvė / Kezys

The Realm of Angels # 25
Butkuvė / Kezys

The Realm of Angels # 8
Juozapaitytė / Butkuvė / Kezys

The Realm of Angels # 69
Juozapaitytė / Kezys

The Realm of Angels # 35
Juozapaitytė / Kezys

The Realm of Angels # 55
Butkuvė / Kezys

The Realm of Angels # 39
Juozapaitytė / Butkuvė / Kezys