Volume 51, No.1 - Spring 2005
Editor of this issue: Stasys Goštautas
ISSN 0024-5089
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Jay Pritzker Music Pavilion

The idea was to commemorate the arrival of the new Millennium. The City of Chicago and its mayor, Richard M. Daley, with his team worked out a plan to greet the new age with a grandiose undertaking.

The decision: to transform * An almost abandoned * Dusty pit of junk yard * Into a "jewel of the metropolis" * Four years later * Some of the finest works of architecture and sculpture * Arose in the former "pit of junk" * MILLENNIUM PARK was born * Timeless and unprecedented structures * Combining the old and the new * Bold untried elements * Hopefully, they will stand the test of time * The finest talents * By invitation only: * Los Angeles architect Frank Gehry = the eye-popping Jay Pritzker Pavilion and the BP Bridge * London Sculptor Anish Kapoor = the shiny and elegant sculpture Cloud Gate * Barcelona artist Jaume Plensa = the black granite plaza and its twin-towered Crown Fountain * Seattle-based designer Kathryn Gustafson and her team = the elaborate, luscious, and colorful Lurie Garden * Bank One = the Promenade * Chicago's OWP & P Architects = the Millennium Monument at Wrigley Square * Extravaganza of unique visionaries * Public art * Colorful landscape * Gracefully enhancing the city * With flare * Arousing enthusiasm * As it enters the age * Of the new Millennium.

Millennium Monument

Two rows of Doric columns at the north-west comer of Millennium Park arranged in a semi-circle on a cement base are modeled on the previous but larger monument built in 1917. It was designed by Edward Bennett, who created the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago.

Graceful architectural place * With the names of donors * Inscribed on its base * A set of columns * Partially encircling a fountain * Exquisite monumentality * Strategic site * At the corner of a major intersection * Serving many visitors * As a symbolic front gate * to the Park.

Jay Pritzker Music Pavilion

Architect Frank Gehry's glittering Jay Pritzker Music Pavilion has a time-honored, traditionally built stage enthroned by a huge corona of overlapping, crisscrossing architectural designs.

Enveloped in post-modernist designs * Of freely flying metal curls * Like some elaborate * Medieval headdress * Considered the Park's centerpiece * Pompous and daring * No ordinary house or habitat * Houses only the stage * The rest of its "walls" * Fantasy-like creations * Glistening with silvery reflections* A squad of airborne shapes * Bulging with convulsions * But bound by earthly weight * Solidly entrenched in the ground * Visible from a distance * But humbled* By the nearby high-rises * Still seeking its place * Among the giants * Self-conscious newcomer * But proud and eloquent * Boldly vying * With the surrounding * Earlier masterpieces.

Jay Pritzker Music Pavilion (fragment)

Jay Pritzker Music Pavilion

Not a building * A building-size sculpture * No windows * No clearly delineated doors * Looks like an amorphous * Billowing creature * Whose bio-morphous shapes * Ripple in the wind * As if dancing in a gust of air * At full sail * Architecture transformed * Expressing a liberating sense * Of freedom and joy.


A spider-like trellis hangs over the seating area imitating a traditional dome over an enclosed space and enveloping it with its outstretched "arms" creating an open-air auditorium.

Unique structural shapes * Creating a cathedral-like ceiling * Speakers placed unobtrusively * On the "spines" * Producing near-perfect sound * Without help from elaborate * Solid-brick acoustics * Even the faintest pianissimos of the violins * Do not evaporate * In the cloudless blue skies * They reach * Music lovers' ears * In perfect pitch * Modern technology * Helping nature * In an unobtrusive way.

Stage (fragment)

Open space performances date from times immemorial. The Greeks, the Romans, the pre- and post-medieval performers spoke, played, sang to their audiences with natural, un-amplified voices. More modern composers have written serenades for aristocratic, open-air dinner parties.

"Ecstatic" is the word * Describing the feeling * Aroused by the quality of sounds* Coming through the highly sensitive microphones * And up-to-date speakers * Towards the sloping Great Lawn * Of Millennium Park * Stretching almost * Across two city blocks * Over roofless virgin ground * From one end to the other* Both the barely audible * Gentle pianissimos * And the almost obnoxious fortes* Resounding * Natural, clear, and clean * Seamless sound * The dichotomy * Between natural and amplified * Is here eliminated * "Delicate" is another word * Describing the Park's * Orchestral experience.

Crown Fountain

Jaume Plensas's Crown Fountain's towers are made of steel and glass. They stand at each end of the black granite plaza.

Fountains have been built * From times immemorial * The Crown Fountain * Based on new-found technologies * Subverts and relegates previous concepts * To history books * A new way of thinking about materials * And their functions * The glossy concrete slabs * A unique presence in the Park * When not in action * They look static * Moribund * If not entirely lifeless * Severely enigmatic and morose * But wait! * In a moment or two * The cold gray front wall * Will spring into action.

Crown Fountain

Crown Fountain

Periodically, water cascades down from the tops of the towers.

Soundless video projections * Appear on the inner sides of the towers * Close-ups of giant faces * Smiling * Frowning * Meditating * In slow motion * When their lips tighten * A fast-flowing stream of cold water * Splashes suddenly from the towers * On unsuspecting visitors * Creating a thin layer of water * All over the black granite plaza * To the enjoyment of all * Including the adults * But especially the children * Even when their Sunday-best wardrobe * Gets dripping wet.

Crown Fountain

The wet surface of the plaza * A unique playground * For barefoot children * To frolic * To enjoy themselves * To bring the grown-ups into their play * The projected human faces * Mimic changing moods: * A sad face * Slowly becomes happy * An angry, moody face * Changes into a bemused one * An earnest facial communicator * Responding to * The changing situations in life * And when a strong stream of water * Splashes upon onlookers * The mouth on the screen * Starts smiling again.

Cloud Gate (fragment)

New technological discoveries have been boldly incorporated into another marvelous work of art - Anish Kapoor's "Cloud Gate."

Oval on top * Concave at the bottom * Its size is super * Its color is silver * Creating a field larger than itself * Commanding outer space * To be a part of it * The sheen of its surface * Unsurpassed * The reproductions of nearby scenery * Art-like * Both real and surreal * Reflections of tortured figures * Elongated and shrunken torsos * Funny faces * Intriguing shapes and surprises * Cloudless skies * With their richest blues * Rain-filled clouds * Hiding their foreboding presence * And when the sun comes back * One white cloud * Chases another white cloud * The procession is sacrament-like * A holy and angelic place.

Cloud Gate (fragment)


Cloud Gate (fragment)

A 110-ton * Kidney-shaped sculpture * Whimsical enough * To be people-friendly * A delight to stare at and think: * The solidity of this object * And the intangibility of space * The realism * Of the heavily entrenched steel * And the surreal * Feathery reflections * Superb artistry * The heavy and monumental * Light and playful * What is distant * Draws near * A familiar object on the street * And its mystifying counterpart * Intermingle happily * On the shiny surface * of the kidney-shaped "Bean."

Pedestrian Bridge

Frank Gehry's pedestrian bridge links Millennium Park to the Daley Bicentennial Plaza and closes the gap between the older site of Grant Park and the forward-looking, futuristic park.

Steel-clad * Serpentine * Shiny * Curvy * Winding * Climbing * Descending * Spanning * The street below * To one visitor * It appeared like a river * That weaves thorough the Park * A construction worker * Thought * It was like a bridge * That bends the rules * It really looks * Like a snake * When viewed from above * And it emanates spiritual energy * That takes a person * On a spiritual journey * Toward a transformation * Of the soul.

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